DOUGLAS LEVERE, PHOTOGRAPHERCapturing life in images in all its individuality and eccentricity has been my life for almost two decades. From the kings of Wall Street to theatrical drag queens, I've photographed news makers, celebrities, still life, and architecture for many different clients, including advertising agencies, corporations, educational institutions, and national magazines.I like the challenge that a new job poses. How to best convey the mood, personality, and distinction of each job by focusing on an assignment's objectives.I've had the opportunity of assisting some of the world's greatest photographers, gleaning their insights into a style of my own. A comprehensive style that encompasses ideas within Russian constructivism to the documents of Eugene Atget.HIRE EXPERIENCEVersatility is key to capturing life. The background and experience that you bring to the lens is essential. Funneling that into creative, effective results that leave an indelible impression is the ultimate goal.My work ethic has always been driven by a flexibility in meeting the goals and needs of each client, bringing my interpretative eye to each project in collaboration with editors, designers, and art directors.The Buffalo studio has been here for only a year or two, but our relationship in the community goes back over 20 years attending college at the University at Buffalo. These relationships have lasted me a lifetime. So whether your job needs a production person, a set carpenter, hair & make-up, or anything in between we can take care of all the details.Take a view our 1500 S/F downtown studio. While most of our jobs today are shot digital we still can shoot in formats from 8x10 to 35mm film.We look forward to working with you on your next project.BOOK PROJECTSI'm proud of the book projects that my images have authored. In particular the challenge of NEW YORK CHANGING: REVISITING BERENICE ABBOTT'S NEW YORK involved capturing the changing landscape of New York City in generations, spanning details, contrasting Berenice Abbott's images from the 1930s to identical views of today.Here are a few quotes from reviews of the project."The result is another classic." AUTHOR, THE DEATH AND LIFE OF GREAT AMERICAN CITIES, JANE JACOBS"Levere has paid the greatest homage imaginable to Abbott in this remarkable work." THE NEW YORKER, PAUL GOLDBERGER"Levere's New York Changing would seem bound to collapse under the weight of such an impressive and daunting lineage. the photographs, which are remarkable in every way, prove otherwise." PHOTOGRAPHER, EDUCATOR, COLUMBIA UNIVERSITY, THOMAS ROMA

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