I am a self-taught artist that resides in Tennessee. My art studio is nested in the historic district, Dogwood Trails area. I enjoy the mountains and the people that surround me. You will find my work through various installations from private to corporate collections. My formal education is in psychology and I am currently earning a third psychology degree. I believe that art is an expressive way to heal, and that color is an essential part of our daily lives and our being. For this reason, I have worked to create a collection of art that combines my love for psychology and color to evoke feelings of happiness. People deserve to feel happy, and art can facilitate that feeling. It is my hope that each piece of art that I create connects the viewer to a happy place or time in their lives; so, my slogan is, “Creating art that takes you to your happy place!”

I am a mixed media artist and work in a wide array of mediums from pastels, to acrylics, to oils. My subjects range from colorful, texturized abstracts, to whimsical and fun art, to detailed florals and landmark paintings. I strive to be diverse in my artistic expression and enjoy the process of creativity. I am very active in my local community and you will often find me around town doing something creative. I was the publisher and editor for the Colored Palette Arts Magazine. I have also spent time in my career as a private art instructor, theatrical make-up artist, and consultant.

I enjoy living life with my beautiful family and am active on social media. I invite you to follow me and connect!

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