At age 53 Thelma Winter first picked up a paintbrush and began to create beautiful scenes of the world around her, having had virtually no training or instruction.

In 1983, she gathered her paintings and her courage and set up at her first art show. It was rewarding and exciting when she realized how well her work was received. The joy that her paintings brought both herself and others encouraged her to invest more and more time, effort and energy into creating and showing her works of art.

Thelma’s art begins long before she picks up a brush. She travels many miles searching out beautiful old homes, barns, covered bridges, gardens, etc., being especially conscious of light quality, seasons and backgrounds. She spends many hours pouring over the thousands of slides she has taken to choose her subjects.

Once she has made the decision, Thelma begins sketching in pencil. Using her slide for reference, she creates a detailed drawing in pen & ink with a technical pen in waterproof ink. Adding color with transparent watercolor is her favorite part of the process. The detail, depth, brilliant colors and nostalgic subjects are key to Thelma’s unique view of the world.

Over the years, Thelma’s painting has earned her much recognition- dozens of ribbons, several Best of Shows and the prestigious Purchase Award at Buffalo’s Allentown Art Festival. She has shown her work at the Festival of the Masters in Disney World, the Salmagundi Club in New York City, the National Arts for the Parks Exhibit in Wyoming, the highly acclaimed Long’s Park Show in Lancaster, Pennsylvania and hundreds of other exhibitions throughout the northeast.

Her favorite part of it all, though, will always be the hours she spends creating her newest watercolor painting. Thelma finds her work to be incredibly rewarding and the best “retirement” she could have imagined.

To view more of Thelma’s paintings, check her website at:, e-mail her at: or call her at 716-992-4277. For licensing opportunities contact: Applejack Licensing International, Manchester Center, Vermont. Telephone: 800-969-1171 or e-mail:

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