My love for photography evolved 3 years ago when my friend lend me her camera for a personal project.

In a very short period of time I've started shooting more and more around my parents home in village called Gredjani in Croatia, nature themes like landscape, animals, trees or similar. During those walks an idea was growing inside of me to create some sort of photo documentary about places I've been remembering from the time I was a child. It has passed a period of 5 years since I haven't been there at all, because of the war in Croatia and I haven't seen those places all together for more than 15 years, simply because I was a young teenager not interested in that sort of things. I've started taking pictures of old bridges, roads, railroads, rivers, woods and most of my work have a certain sad and dark moment in them, simply because those places are not what they used to be when I was young and how I remember them. Most of those places are now abandoned, ruined or out of function.

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