Born 6 weeks early and with a paintbrush gripped firmly in her hand, Wendy Edelson, a self- taught artist is happiest when painting.

She has managed to steal just enough time away from her drawing board to travel the world and learn how to whip up a mean puttanesca sauce and bake biscotti, grow gardens, learn to dance, be happy, write a children’s book, get married and have a son and love a dog...and the fun’s just begun!

A self -taught artist, she works primarily in rich glazes of watercolor. The illustrator of over 30 books, Wendy's work is also perfect for a wide range of products and applications.

Everyday finds her immersed in her studio, creating richly detailed paintings that are traditionally rendered yet uniquely and recognizably her own.

Self-taught and passionate about her work, she strives to give every painting a heart of magic and every client a partner and a new friend.

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