Painted Blossoms...the book!

May 10, 2016

Our CEO, Jack Appelman, is excited to share a book by our artist, Carrie Schmitt.

Carrie’s Book, “Painted Blossoms: Creating Expressive Flower Art with Mixed Media” encourages you to welcome creativity with ease as you discover ways to tend the garden within.


Carrie believes that “flowers are organic, wonderfully forgiving subjects. Each one is unique; you can't paint one wrong!”

Her book teaches the reader how to create basic design elements, gives techniques for creating a wide variety of flower shapes and provides tips and advice from over a dozen established artists!


To see Carrie’s full licensing portfoliocontact us



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Color Bakery's Secret Garden

Sep 09, 2013

Friday afternoon, Syrena and Courtney took a trip up to Poultney, Vermont to visit a magical art and garden gallery. This garden-gallery not only features art by Color Bakery’s leading lady, Mindy, but it also displays Glen’s beautiful flowers.


(Here is Glen standing with their garden-gallery)

This garden has brought Mindy and Glen a lot of attention as people from all over the surrounding communities visit their garden. They are always changing out the décor with Mindy’s newest or favorite pieces, so the gallery never looks the same. Glen is very excited for Halloween, as he will decorate the garden-gallery and his house accordingly.


If you are interested in taking a walk through the garden-gallery, head over to Poultney. If you are interested in reviewing Color Bakery’s entire portfolio, click here.


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