Donna Basile

Donna Basile

Donna is a fine artist whose work has received many national and international awards. Her work is in many corporate and private collections. She was commissioned to design the packaging cover art for Derwent® new line of soft graphite pencils, and design seed packet art for Ferry-Morse Seed Company®. In addition, has appearing in several publications including: American Artist Magazine; Washington Post; Rockport Publishers; South Shore Living Magazine; Colored Pencil Society of America Signature Showcase.
She feels comfortable working in a variety of mediums including: colored pencil, charcoal, oils, acrylic, watercolor and pen & ink. Donna understands as well as appreciates each medium for distinct purposes. Pastels are spontaneous which emphasize a combination of drawing and painting, oils for its easy manipulation and abundantly rich color. While she finds watercolors to have a mind and life all its own. Pencil, pen & ink and charcoal, allow her to capture the appearance of color through shading. Colored pencil is the most painstaking due to the numerous layers of pigment that are applied before the finished drawing. When working with colored pencil, pen & ink or charcoal, a preconceived vision is necessary before striking out to render your subject matter. Paper is remorseless and unforgiving when it arrives at hiding mistakes. Her drawings are often mistaken for oil paintings. It may take anywhere from 1 week to 5 months depending on the size and sharp detail to complete a colored pencil drawing.  Even though her drawings have a photo-realistic quality no projectors or grids are used as an aid in the process  ‘she is a creative-realist, not a photo-realist’,  photographs are used only as a guide.
Her objective as an artist is to be authentic and creative in exploring new techniques and ideas, for these are the essential elements in keeping the passion for art alive.
Donna lives in a house by the ocean. When not creating she enjoys cooking, exercise, long walks along the beach where findings of sea shells and sea glass inspire her.  

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