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FootePrint Art

Judy has had a passion for art from her very early years. She was influenced by her mother, a watercolor artist. Judy is a self-taught artist and photographer which is the root for her creativity.
She is first an artist — heart, soul, and eyes. She storms with a quick and uncomplicated ability to create promptly with a click of her camera shutter. however, that is only the beginning. Then Judy launches into her fertile visionary process. The results … zen; that contemplation of one’s essential nature to the exclusion of all else. Judy finds inspiration in her natural surroundings and in the joy of sharing that world through her art.

Judy’s has been deeply engaged in art since 2008. Her gallery of work is eclectic, colorful, and beyond creative. Her art career began in retirement and she has blossomed with the creative possibilities discovered in the digital realm.  Judy makes her home in rural Oregon and finds great inspiration in her natural surroundings. Some of her favorites are flowers, rocks, trees, and creeks and streams. In her quest for inspiration and innovation she travels to fascinating natural sights as provocation for her art. Judy’s heart and creativity are her way of expressing harmony and a sense of the divine order of our universe. To date her greatest artistic achievement is Best of Show in Fusion Art’s 6th Annual Colors Art Exhibition in April 2022.

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