Jace D. McTier

Jace D. McTier

Jace David McTier is a world-class artist in the portrait and sporting art world. His artistic interpretation of movement often means bold palette knife work, portrayed as a thrust of vibrant color. Being an avid sportsman himself, Jace’s study and understanding of the human body in motion gives him a keen eye for the subtleties of technique exemplified by championship athletes. Collected by some of boxing’s greatest from “Big” George Foreman to Angelo Dundee, Jace McTier is capturing the rich history of sport. His bold hues and powerful use of impasto ranks him among today’s leading sporting artists, portraying the modern athlete in a flash of visceral competition. Jace McTier’s art have been three times exhibited publicly along with Leroy Neiman’s original works of art.
In 2009, McTier teamed up with Angelo Dundee to recreate the history of boxing through the great trainer’s eyes. To Jace, this was a dream come true. Master works such as “Titans of 5th St.” as well as his interpretation of the “Phantom Punch” (or “Anchor Punch” that lifted Sonny Liston off the canvas and propelled Ali on his path to greatness) have been displayed all over the world and have brought McTier to meet and paint sporting legends such as Muhammad Ali, George Foreman and many of the boxing world’s greats. Several of these originals are being showcased in the historic “I Am the Greatest” Muhamad Ali exhibit in London, England at the legendary O2 Arena (March 4th – August 31st 2016). Excerpt from the O2’s press release: 
“The exhibition also features four pieces of original artwork, created by world famous sports artist and friend of Ali’s trainer Angelo Dundee, Jace McTier. These are displayed in the Angelo Dundee room as he saw the essence of Ali in Jace’s artwork and felt that the pieces captured the graceful movements of Ali in the ring.”
McTier Art impacts the world with their original fine art, murals and installations: New York, Houston, Miami and Atlanta, from the Oval Office to Madison Square Garden. Today’s leaders, pacesetters and heroes of yesteryear are captured in dazzling elegance through the passion and prestige that is McTier Art.

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