John Zaccheo- Exclusive

John Zaccheo- Exclusive

In his late 70s and a lifetime career as an artist, John Zaccheo has illustrated, sculpted, painted in every medium and most every style from impressionism and impasto thick textured paintings created with a palette knife, to hyper realism, from still life to land and seascapes, country and city scenes, from abstract to traditional and ultra realistic portraits. He sells everything he creates. John has truly mastered his technique and with keen attention to minute detail, has the ability to capture a person or animal’s spirit and soul, making his life like portraits appear alive. His land and seascapes each tell a story from a man who has dedicated his life to recreating natures beauty. Although he will never fully retire, John Zaccheo plans to add more travel back into his life as inspiration to future creations.

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Undersea League


Spring’s Harmony


Christmas Town Panorama