R W Hedge

R W Hedge

R.W. Hedge, a native Texan, has traveled the country to gain knowledge and inspiration for his art. Ronnie has captured the glory of the American landscape and its wildlife since he taught himself to paint when he was fifteen. Being self-taught, he has developed a unique style that is exciting and groundbreaking.

As a teenager, Ronnie did not think about using an easel or a mixing palette and he did not realize that canvas was stretched before painting. He would simply cut out pieces of canvas whatever size he thought he needed and then drag in plywood from outside to tack them to. The results were big pieces of plywood leaning against every surface in the house with odd-sized paintings tacked to them. Since he was not using a palette, he would just squeeze paint from the tubes right onto the brushes; any mixing took place on the canvas. This gave Ronnie a rough texture but also the deep color and rough line he was looking for.

Ronnie uses a palette now but he is still looking for deep tones and texture. What he achieves are breathtaking scenes full of light; “Colors that are luminous appeal to me most of all. Every composition in nature has its precise moments of perfection, when the contrast and colors are most inviting.” Ronnie is able to capture every nuance of color as it illuminates the surface because he is there in person. “I paint things the way they look when I am actually there. If I can see it, it’s in the painting.”

Ronnie has always been amazed by the miracle of nature, especially the pristine wilderness and is passionate about painting the natural wonders of America and the wildlife we wish to protect. “I love it all -the big things, the little things, the wild animals- all of it has my attention.”

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Living Legends

R. HED105694

White Tail Family

R. HED90046


R. HED89659

Hill Country Blues

R. HED89407

Blue Bonnet Hill

R. HED89406

The Gallery Merge

R. HED87116

Moonlit Pass

R. HED84923

The Guardian

R. HED83618

The Journey

R. HED80701

Kindred Spirits

R. HED79911

Final Call

R. HED79910

Six Pack Minus Three

R. HED79909


R. HED79908

She Loves Me

R. HED79907

Positive Traction

R. HED79906


R. HED78325

Canyon Cascade

R. HED78324

Heavenly Place

R. HED77710

Water Dance

R. HED77514

Vernal Falls

R. HED77513

The Spirit Of Red Rocks

R. HED72666

Pristine Sanctuary

R. HED71269

Grand Sunrise

R. HED70962

Golden Age

R. HED68838

Easy Morning

R. HED65102

Open Window

R. HED65101

Dream Catchers

R. HED63684

Rise And Shine

R. HED63683

The New Violin

R. HED62764

Healing Hands

R. HED59938

Message In A Bottle

R. HED59312

A World Of Heaven

R. HED59308