Tanya Mavric

Tanya Mavric

When I was a little girl it was colors and shapes that drew my attention, then came the detail and shades of color in my teens, the color variations in an animals fur strands and the many different shades of green leaves and grasses ranging from dark to light. Then of course came the contrast, dusk! the sharpness on the horizon between the sky and mountains, the hues in the sky as the sun went down, all this intrigued me.
I would say I am more of a visionary artist, my spirituality helps me to create and blend into this world in the art I create, but then I am someone who is interested in creating most art. I have been painting off and on since 1999 and even embarked down a road of learning pattern designing, now returning to creating art. What inspires me? Creating a world that is picturesque, beautiful, and full of love.
I am not someone that was able to pursue a Uni degree, my life just never headed in that direction, however art has never left my soul. With many tutorials and teachings out there and good common sense, I have learnt so much! Art is art, it can be anything! For me it’s the animals, flowers and blending the spirituality into earth.
Being a Visionary takes me out of a sometimes insane world to a world of peace and love, even just for a little while, it’s like meditating, I found my peace in my art.

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Golden Blue Lotus


Goddess in Heavenly Realms


Gazing Polar Bear


Flowers of the Universe Color Burst 4


Flowers of Life


Flowers in the Universe Color Burst 5


Flowers in the Universe Color Burst 3


Flowers in the Universe Color Burst 2


Flowers in the Universe Color Burst 1




Blue Moon


Angel on a Mission