Artist FAQ

No matter if you’ve been a creative doing two dimensional artwork your entire life, or recently started picking it up…there’s always a place for every kind of artwork. Let Art Licensing represent you and your imagery to find that place in this colorful world.

About Art Licensing

Who Is Art Licensing?

Art Licensing International has developed into one of the leading commercial licensing companies in the world. With 400+ artists and nearly 100,000 images in our archive, we are able to provide manufacturers in every product category access to the best in design resources. Art Licensing International has a team of vivacious and enthusiastic individuals. Our commitment is displayed through lightning fast communication, working hand-in-hand with our artist and manufacturers to help bridge the gap between creative and strategic planning to foster close relationships with customers along with artists. We will stop at nothing for customer satisfaction. Our offices are located in the beautiful historical village of Manchester in Southern Vermont, approximately 50 miles north east of Albany, NY international airport.

Why Art Licensing?

Lots of artists ask us “Why do I need an Agent?” and there are many reasons why an agent is essential for an artist. To start, we have years of experience working with manufacturers all over the world. We know lots of creative directors and licensing directors in major companies that are seeking good art, and we know how to get you the best deal while protecting the quality of reproduction of your art. By allowing us to handle your contracts, you are allowed the time to focus on creating new imagery. We specialize in focusing on copyrights so we can protect our artists rights regarding the reproduction of their art. We work for the artist to negotiate the best licensing deal and to make sure that the artist is being paid fairly and adequately. Lastly, we invest countless hours and thousands of dollars in labor, digital costs, reproduction costs, and promotions to make you and your art known!

Who Will I Talk To At Art Licensing?

You will often speak with Jack Appelman, owner and CEO. He is also the point person for the artists, or you can connect to one of our licensing associates. Once under contract, you may also speak with other members of the licensing team and art department to discuss projects you have under way.

Will My Contract Be Exclusive?

Art Licensing usually requires that no other company represent the artist’s images during the duration of the contract period, but we can work with each artist on an individual basis.

Our Customers

Art Licensing has a concentration of customers in North America, but also licenses with numerous companies overseas. Our operation has licensed images in many countries worldwide with a variety of industries including:

  • Giftwrap, stationery, ribbons, stamps, scrapbooking
  • Coloring books, coloring decals, tattoos
  • Calendars, decals, diary booklets
  • Tabletop, fabric, home and kitchen products, floor mats, rugs
  • Wall decor, signage, tapestry, flags
  • Puzzles, handbags, t-shirts, blankets, towels, jackets, leggings
  • Pet products, collars, bowls, food canisters

Our Artists

We have successful working relationships with artists from all over the world. An ever increasing archive of artwork from those who have been with us for many years as well as new artists that have signed with us within the past few weeks. They create imagery in a multitude of mediums, from traditional painting, drawing and collaged pieces to a wide variety of digital computer arts and many styles of photography. Royalties are still being paid to many artists that joined Art Licensing more than 10 years ago!


What Style Of Art Is Art Licensing Looking For?

We are looking for a wide selection of art in a variety of mediums in two-dimensional format (not three-dimensional sculpture). Market driven trending themes and color are very important, but we also do well with traditional concepts that have proven their success for years. (Check out our trends page from the link at the top menu.) Black and white artwork such as pencil, charcoal, pen and ink are not as successful, for the exception of line drawings created for tattoos, coloring decals and books. In addition to the what we know is in the marketplace, we always like to see various styles and subject matter such as the following:

Traditional Painting
Country/Primitive Art
Contemporary and Urban Art
Poster design
Illustrative graphics
Photography (Black & White and Color)
Collage – mixed medium

What Medium Reproduces The Best?

Mediums with dense color produce the best reproduction such as oils and acrylics; however, we have also been successful with watercolor, pastels and colored pencils/markers and digital art*.

*A note regarding computer generated artwork.

Digital art has made a huge presence in the marketplace, with it’s popularity only increasing by the availability of software to edit and experiment with images from vast online sources. We welcome creativity and the use of the computer as a tool to achieve inventive ideas. However, incorporating recognizable imagery is artwork we can’t readily license. Our emphasis is on originality and skillfully created art that shows the handy work of an individual and the quality of a hi-resolution digital file that meets with our customers’ demand and the industry’s standard. The following are examples of art that we discourage against:

  • Imagery that is not your own and is not public domain status.
  • Incorporation of logos, icons, and/or copyright data that is not your own.
  • Imagery that has been used/ published elsewhere
  • Imagery that has been manipulated with generic software filters ( i. e. instagram apps)

What Is Ali’s System For Caring For Original Artwork?

As soon as it arrives, it is logged into our tracking report and put into a secure area. Only a few people have access to your artwork. We also have insurance that covers the entire value of your work(s) in our possession.

What Size Art Should I Paint/Create?

Bigger is better! Large digital files have more capabilities of licensing for various products. Typically the largest tiff file we would need is 35×45 at 300 dpi, but no smaller than 9×12 at 300 dpi. Although your original artwork may be a smaller format, it can be reproduced by a professional scanner or photographer to obtain a successful digital image at a larger proportion. Please keep in mind that we emphasize the quality of a file. In most cases, a digital file that is already prepared small, should not be enlarged to meet our purposes. When in doubt, create larger pieces, as many of the products we license are large.

Am I Required To Send Every Original To Art Licensing?

No. However, we’d like to see what you are doing in general. You can always send a pic or jpg of what you’re working on.

Marketing Information

How Is My Art Shown To The Industry?

Each year we produce a catalog that highlights various collections that we represent as well as each artist. We also have a state of the art website which shows each artist and their entire portfolio and serves as a tool for the customer. Each week we have an e-news letter that gets blasted to all of our current customers (and some potential customers) showcasing artists and popular themes. Internally, our licensing account managers communicate with customers to send them the art they’re looking for via email and social media.

Artist Accounting Matters

How Much Will I Earn?

Artists receive 50% of all money received from other product licensing arrangements. Licensing royalties depend on the standard royalty for each product category.

When Am I Paid?

Royalties are paid out in the quarter following receipt of payment to Art Licensing (royalty payments are mailed to ALI quarterly).

Will I Receive Advances?

Some licensing agreements include advances. Licensing advances are determined by the individual manufacturer contracts and vary by industry and company.

Do You Buy My Original Artwork?

No. Artists maintain ownership and control of their originals. As soon as photography is complete and we have a color separation we are pleased with, your original(s) will be returned to you.

Do I Receive Free Samples Of Products Made From My Work?

Licensed product samples will be handled on an individual basis as each manufacturer has different sampling procedures. Shipping charges for samples will be deducted from royalty statements unless you notify us that you do not want them forwarded.

How Accurate Is Your Accounting System?

We pride ourselves on our meticulous accounting controls, which assure that you are paid the proper amount. Our accounting system is fully automated and computerized, so every transaction is recorded and accounted for properly.

What If I Have A Question About An Item On My Royalty Statement?

Just give us a call or send us an e-mail. We will research the issue and report our findings to you promptly.

The Contract

We believe in fairness and reason. If you need a modification to an exclusive contract, we have granted exceptions in the past, as long as they’ve been win-win situations.

What Happens If We Have A Disagreement After The Contract Is Signed?

Although the contract has dispute resolution mechanisms built in, the best way to resolve differences is to talk about them and work them out. In our 10+ year experience, we have found that reasonable discussion between our client representatives and the artist has solved most problems amicably.

Will I Retain My Copyright?

Yes, you retain the copyright on the original work. The copyright on the reproduction itself is as signed to Art Licensing.

Will You Act To Protect The Copyright If Another Firm Copies My Work?

Absolutely. We have on a number of occasions filed suit against infringement.

More Questions?